How can I test the SDK integration?

We've added a debugging tool that allows you to check whether the SDK is sending events to our servers.

This tool allows you to verify that the events that you have set up are triggering correctly. You can access the debugging area of the portal to view the JSON events sent by your application.


To enable the debugging tool, you should create a flat file titled "r1DebugDevices" with a list of GAID's (Google Advertising ID - the privacy compliant device identifier on each Android device) inside of the "assets" folder. There should be one ID per line in your file.

Once you build the app and install it on the same test devices that you added in the DebugDevices file you can see useage data from that device appear in real time. Go to the "Data" tab under "SDK Tools" in the left navigation bar on the page.  As you navigate the application you should see JSON data display in the main window on the page.

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