Windows 8 - Push Notifications

Push is disabled by default. You can enable it in the Application_Launching method or later.

Radiumone.Connect.Push.Instance.Enabled = true;

Once enabled, you need to add Tagging in order to target your notifications.  

Push Tags

You can specify Tags for R1 Connect SDK to send Push Notifications for certain groups of users.  Tags are universal attributes that describe key information about the end user and target them with relevant messaging.  Tags can be anything from the end user's gender or age to how much they've spent over their lifetime in your app to just about anything else you might think of.  Tags are tracked separately from event tracking and are processed in real time.

The maximum length of a Tag is 128 characters.

R1 Connect SDK saves Tags. You do not have to add Tags every time the application is launched.

Add a new Tag

Radiumone.Connect.Push.Instance.Tags.AddTag("NEW TAG");

Add multiple Tags

var tags = new List<String>() { "NEW TAG 1", "NEW TAG 2" };


Remove existing Tag

Radiumone.Connect.Push.Instance.Tags.DeleteTag("EXIST TAG");

Remove multiple Tags

var tags = new List<String>() { "EXIST TAG 1", "EXIST TAG 2" };


Get all Tags

var currentTags = Radiumone.Connect.Push.Instance.Tags.AllTags;
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